Week Weekend Mid-week
25th March – 5th June £750 £500 £460
5th June – 26th June £820 £590 £500
26th June – 4th September £970 £650 £600
4th September – 13th October £750 £500 £460
13th October – 23rd October £820 £590 £500
5th October – 19th October £750 £500 £460
23rd October – 1st November £720 £490 £400

Available dates are shown in green, booked dates are shown in grey. The dark green dates are start/end dates.

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Arrival & Departure times

Week: Friday 4pm to Friday 10.30am

Mid week: Monday 4pm to Friday 10.30am

Weekend: Friday 4pm to Monday 10.30am